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Impact’s design team apply specific end user branding requirements to the constraints of the label, ticket or product being ordered. As well as tweaking supplied artwork for precise colour matching on the most complex of substrate, our team also collaborate on designs right from conception. Click here to find out more and arrange our free artwork and design service.

Any form of file can be worked with and all work is subject to proof approval before sign-off, ensuring the end user is completely happy from the outset. Working to exact match pantone references and with all artworks having a unique reference number, we ensure our printing is an exact match every time.

The reproduction of graphics (repro) is a pivotal step in printing and Impact not only has an in-house facility but works with three main suppliers to stay at the forefront of technology. Many of our jobs are now run using Kodak NX plate technology which has dramatically increased the quality of printing whilst reducing the number of plates required and lowering ink usage.

Embracing NX technology allows reach beyond high definition (HD) targets to achieve colour consistency even on complex materials, as well as creating cost savings making our pricing even more competitive.